• InspectorPro Consult


  • $300.00

  • Description

    InspectorPro builds better collaboration, performance and insight for FileMaker teams. We can help you learn from InspectorPro’s insights to see how best to make improvements.

    This consultation is designed to help developers make better use of InspectorPro's features. It includes:

    • An initial meeting with you and your team, including a Beezwax FileMaker developer.
    • Training on how InspectorPro can help developers work together more effectively and deliver better reporting to stakeholders.
    • Generally, we will provide insights into your structure that you need to be aware of, including items you may have missed in the reports.
    • When applicable, we will use the report to provide code refactoring advice.
    • During a second and final review meeting, our findings will be reviewed and summarized in a concise report.

    The consultation will help you maximize InspectorPro's capabilities and make the most of its reports.

    Learn more and sign up at https://www.beezwax.net/forms/inspectorpro-consult

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