• Beezwax Pro-to-Pro Training, Per Hour (4-hour minimum)


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    Stay ahead of the curve. Our FileMaker ninjas will teach you how.

    program description

    Technology moves fast. As a developer it’s your job to move even faster. Beezwax’s best and brightest FileMaker developers will help you get up to speed. This class is for intermediate and advanced developers who want to master fundamental excellence in architecting FileMaker databases. As with our Project-driven Instruction, this training is geared to be relevant to your own skills and projects, but offers more coverage of frameworks and skill building. We’ll share our own strategies in FileMaker development, and help turn your already-excellent techniques into “Best-of-the-Best” practices.

    Workshop topics can include:

    • scripting, custom functions, layout design
    • frameworks for scalable, manageable architecture
    • optimizing database performance
    • future-proofing for the web, SQL, FileMaker Go, etc.
    • integration and migration
    • and more!

      Customized coaching options include onsite and web-based training, as well as instruction at our training facility. 

      4-hour minimum required: Add to Cart, and enter appropriate Qty.

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